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Welcome to our company web site!

Our corporation has provided all kinds of media contents specialized in food business for franchised restaurants and private owners in Japan.

The contents include supporting the new business development; executing the business plan, food menu, and the recipe; designing the shop concept, and the layout; procuring the ingredients and tableware.

We also can offer the renewal business plan, the blueprint of franchised business, the logic for business improvement, employee recruitment, and the education of Japanese culture and the food.


Now a day, the Japanese cuisine is considered as healthy and became popular in all over the world. However, many of those dishes do not contain the real essence of Japanese cuisine. Since those restaurants and the owners do not understand the true Japanese culture and serve the costly “Japanese-style cuisine”, they will disappear over time. As a matter of fact, many of the exclusive Japanese restaurants in New York were obliged to withdraw from the food industry.

If you only concern the maximum return of investment (ROI) in a short term, the “Japanese style” restaurant might be a good business model. On the other hand, we believe it is our mission to present a business plan which can be run over 100 years with proper benefit and generate high satisfaction for both restaurant owners and their customers.